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HealthIsInReach: Navarro Urine Cancer Test

HealthIsInReach: Navarro Urine Cancer Test: "Navarro Urine Cancer Test

To Determine How Much Cancer You May Have

The Navarro Urine Test was developed in the late 1930’s by the renowned oncologist, the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, the test detects the presence of HCG in urine. It indicates the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop. Dr. Navarro found HCG to be elevated in all types of cancers.

The test is based on a theory proposed by Dr. Howard Beard and other researchers who contend that cancer is related to a misplaced trophoblast cell that becomes malignant in a manner similar to pregnancy in that they both secrete HCG. As a consequence, a measure of the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine is also a measure of the degree of malignancy. The higher the number, the greater the severity of the cancer.

A score of 50 or above, means, statistically speaking, you likely have cancer.

When the score is below 50, then statistically speaking, you likely do not have cancer.

In addition to cancer patients taking the Navarro Urine Test, even people without cancer can take the Navarro Test to get an early warning that they may have cancer creeping up on them.

The Navarro Urine Test can detect the presence of brain cancer as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from breast cancer extirpated 2 years earlier).

Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of this test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample. The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed.

Directions for Urine Sample Preparation:

(Note: cc and ml are the same measurement)

1) From an early morning urine (not mid-stream), take 50 cc (1.7 oz.)

2) Add 200 cc (7 oz.) of 100% acetone (do not use fingernail polish)

3) Add 5 cc (.2oz) of alcohol, either rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol

4) Stir and mix well

5) Let it stand in the refrigerator in a glass container for 2 hours until sediment is formed.

6) Pour off about half of the urine-acetone-alcohol mixture without losing any sediment.

7) Filter the remainder through a coffee filter or laboratory filter paper.

8) Leave filter out in a secure place to dry.

9) Fold and wrap in aluminum foil.

10) Send “Dry Urine Sample” by “Priority Mail International” directly to the Philippines. It costs about $25 to send your dry urine sample by Priority Mail International and takes about 5-6 days to get there. If you include your e-mail address with the sample, you will get the results in about 7 days. Without the email address allow 4-6 weeks for test result delivery. Fed Ex costs over $47 and regular mail takes forever.

11) Along with your “Dry Urine Sample” include a copy of the $50 money order or cashier’s check you have sent to the U.S. address below (see “Directions for Payment of Urine Test” below) along with your name, address, e-mail address, sex, age and a brief clinical history and/or diagnosis.

12) Precaution: No sexual contact for 12 days for female patients before collecting the urine sample. For males, no sexual contact for 18-24 hours before collecting the urine sample. DO NOT SEND URINE IF THE PATIENT IS PREGNANT

Mail Dry Urine Sample to:

Navarro Medical Clinic

Dr. Efren Navarro

3553 Sining Street

Morningside Terrace

Santa Mesa, Manila Philippines 1016

011-(632) 714-7442

Directions for Payment of Urine Test:

Send $50 for the test to the U.S. address below:

Erlinda N. Saurez

631 Peregrine Drive

Palatine, IL 60067-7005"


Jay said...

Good stuff. Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world through the Internet. Wonderful blog and post you got here
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Ruben Gonzalez said...

Anybody had the experience where the PSA is slowly rising while the Navarro test is going down? What did you decide to do?


Ruben Gonzalez said...

Anybody had the experience where the PSA is slowly rising while the Navarro test is going down? What did you decide to do?